Fall into Lynchburgs History
Celebrating our 200th Anniversary
1823 - 2023
Fall into Lynchburgs History
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Historic Burial Ground and Sculpture Garden

In 1823, the Presbyterian Cemetery was founded by six elders of the Presbyterian Church of Lynchburg, Virginia. They had a vision of burying and commemorating the dead in a tranquil landscape that provided comfort to the bereaved.

Take a stroll through the cemetery. Experience the charm of the park-like atmosphere and learn about the history of past people and times. So much of the history of Lynchburg and the surrounding area can be found among the beautiful markers and sculptures of Presbyterian Cemetery.

We welcome you to visit our historical and personal burial sites. We even welcome you to call the Presbyterian Cemetery your final resting place.

Discover Our History

This outdoor museum of Lynchburg’s history has over 12,000 stories to tell.

Services We Offer

The Presbyterian Cemetery can help you find and plan the perfect resting place for you or a loved one.

Charitable Giving

The capacity of a cemetery to tell a story and reveal history is very powerful. Learn how you can contribute.

Photo Gallery

As you stroll the grounds, you are transported through time with ornate examples of funerary architecture.

There is so much to discover at the Historic Presbyterian Cemetery. Some of the activities you can enjoy during a visit include:

Self-guided walks
Cemeteries tell stories and reveal history. While walking around you will learn about the rich history of Lynchburg and the stories of some of its early civic, religious, and community leaders. With the assistance of our new online mapping system, it is easier than ever to locate a grave or navigate your way to some of our most prominent monuments.

Guided Tours
Guided tours are available by appointment. Please contact our office to schedule a tour. Follow our social media pages for updates on guided tours.

Search Burial Records and Family History
Make an appointment with the office to review our burial record books and search for information about your ancestors.

“Presbyterian contains the most accomplished local examples of tombstone sculpture.”

–S. Allen Chambers, Jr., Lynchburg: An Architectural History

“Lynchburg’s Hidden Gem! My family and I love walking around the cemetery. The tombstones are beautiful!”

−T. Simpson

“My co-workers and I often run through the cemetery. The lack of traffic and level ground make it a great place to run. The beautiful scenery is a bonus!”

– M. Fisher

“Presbyterian contains the most accomplished local examples of tombstone sculpture.”

–S. Allen Chambers, Jr., Lynchburg: An Architectural History

“The art, the tombstones, the inscriptions – it’s a history lesson!”

−J. Pense