The mission of the Presbyterian Cemetery is to operate, maintain, and preserve the historic Cemetery as an active burial ground and to honor the rich history of the Cemetery and of those interred there.

Located adjacent to historic Diamond Hill in Lynchburg, Virginia, the Presbyterian Cemetery was founded in 1823 when six elders of the local Presbyterian Church purchased two acres of land on Campbell Court House Road, now Grace Street. The land was purchased from Edward Lynch, son of Lynchburg’s founder John Lynch, and his wife, Mary. 

Our history, charm and competitive fees make the Presbyterian Cemetery the choice of many Lynchburg and surrounding area citizens.

Cemetery Founding Elders
  • John R.D. Payne

  • Thomas A. Holcombe

  • John Caskie

  • John C. Reid

  • James Warwick

  • John M. Gordon

Meet Our Team


Trustees of the Presbyterian Cemetery serve a three year term and are representatives of two local churches and the community at large.

Beth Williams – President
Bill Barrett – Vice President
Mary Sue Childress – Treasurer
Kathleen Milhorn – Secretary
Dawn Blankinship – Development

Tripp Duerson
Noel Thomas
Andrew Bell
Marques Bush
Gwen Carter
Susan Craighill
Belinda Lacy
Pattie Martin

Friends of the Presbyterian Cemetery

Friends of the Presbyterian Cemetery was established in 2014 as a non-profit 501c3 in order to support, preserve, and share the rich history of the Presbyterian Cemetery. The members serve on a rotating basis.

Charitable Giving

Contributions help to preserve the grave sites and historical grounds, while covering the cost of:

Cemetery Maintenance – Grounds Work & Site Improvements – Historical Records Upkeep


The Presbyterian Cemetery can help you find and plan the perfect resting place for you or a loved one.

Our history and charm make Presbyterian Cemetery the choice of many citizens of Lynchburg and surrounding areas.