Flower Placement Policy

In order to maintain the aesthetics of the cemetery, preserve its historical nature, and facilitate the maintenance of the grounds in a safe and cost effective manner, the cemetery wishes to remind visitors of the following policies.

  • Fences or borders of any kind around interment sites, planter boxes, stones, glass/ceramic items, ornaments, statues, mylar balloons, memorabilia, and solar lights are prohibited.

  • All Flowers must be in an approved metal or plastic container. No glass containers of any kind are permitted. The placement of headstone saddles is discouraged as they are  often blown away by the wind. The cemetery will not be responsible for flowers blown away by the wind.

  • Wreaths/flowers on stands are only allowed from Thanksgiving through Christmas. All Christmas flowers must be removed by January 31 each year.

  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove from the lot any items. 

  • Pets and alcohol are not permitted on site.

  • During mowing season (March-October) any item deemed a mowing obstacle or safety risk will be removed.

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