floral features

Flower Placement Policy

In order to maintain the aesthetics of the cemetery, preserve its historical nature, and facilitate the maintenance of the grounds in a safe and cost effective manner, the cemetery wishes to remind visitors of the following policies.

  • Fences or borders of any kind around interment sites, planter boxes, stones, glass/ceramic items, ornaments, statues, mylar balloons, memorabilia, and solar lights are prohibited.

  • All Flowers must be in an approved metal or plastic container. No glass containers of any kind are permitted. The placement of headstone saddles is discouraged as they are often blown away by the wind. The cemetery will not be responsible for flowers blown away by the wind.

  • Wreaths/flowers on stands are only allowed from Thanksgiving through Christmas. All Christmas flowers must be removed by January 31 each year.

  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove from the lot any items. 

  • Pets and alcohol are not permitted on site.

  • During mowing season (March-October) any item deemed a mowing obstacle or safety risk will be removed.

Rules & Regulations for Cemetery Lots and Monuments

In order to preserve the aesthetic standards and historical character of Presbyterian Cemetery and facilitate its maintenance in an efficient and cost effective manner, the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Cemetery “PC” has adopted certain rules and regulations that shall be applicable to all purchasers of lots in the Presbyterian Cemetery, as follows.

  1. No enclosure of any kind may be placed on a lot.
  2. Only one upright monument may be placed on a lot.
  3. All monuments must have a rough base.
  4. Government markers must be ground level.
  5. Plans and specifications of monuments, markers, curbs, steps, and retaining walls must be approved by the PC management prior to the commencement of installation. The monument must pertain to the individuals(s) buried in the lot. All such work above ground level must be constructed of granite or marble. All stones should be gray or white. If another color is desired, it must be approved by the PC management.
  6. The underground foundation of any monument, marker, etc. must be of concrete construction and installed by the company erecting the monument.
  7. All planting of shrubs and trees must be approved in advance and in writing by the PC management. Management reserves the right to remove any planting not in compliance and to prone or remove any planting that overhangs lot lines, interferes with internments, or has become diseased or has died. The PC will not be responsible for watering the planted material.
  8. The placement of artificial flowers in any lot or of saddles or other floral arrangements (with the exception of live Christmas greens or wreaths) upon any upright monument is prohibited. Likewise, the display of banners, decorative objects, or other memorabilia is not permitted. PC management reserves the right to remove from lots any such arrangement or objects that management may regard as inconsistent with the overall beauty and historical character of the PC.
  9. Any sales, transfer, or exchange of a lot must be approved by the PC.

The PC shall undertake to provide perpetual care to the PC lots as follows:

  • maintaining grass on lots to the extent this is possible without artificial watering;
  • removing leaves from lots; and
  • keeping lots free of debris.

Perpetual care shall not include maintenance, repair or replacement of monuments, statues, fences, or curbs, or the care and maintenance of plantings, including trees, provided by lot owners.