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Here’s a perfect way to cap off Lynchburg’s Historic Garden Week! 
Please join us for our guided “FLOWERS IN STONE” tour on Sunday,  April 28th at 2:00 pm.

Stroll around the cemetery to see what’s in bloom,  and learn about the symbolism behind the many monuments featuring timeless floral motifs.  Flowers always tell a story,  and your tour guides will explain how these symbols were used to honor the lives and memories of those departed.

We’ve got 200 years‘ worth of history set in stone at the Presbyterian Cemetery,  and this is the perfect time of year to explore the grounds.  Why not come learn some fascinating facts about these markers that are both beautiful and meaningful?  

Light refreshments will be provided at the conclusion of the tour, as part of your $10 entrance fee.

Cash, check, and Venmo payments accepted on site the day of the tour.  Remember to wear sturdy and comfortable walking shoes, as the ground may be uneven in spots.  Parking is limited,  so please enter by the Robins Rd. entrance,  and someone will direct you.  For more information,  call 434-845-0551.

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